design rules

Wilhelm STEINITZ” (c19991009) named in honor of the first World Chess Champion
The pieces have been manufactured in Duraluminum on a CNC – machine down to a precision of 1/1000th of a mm.  For storage the pawns are used to screw together the other pieces to result in a rod (CHESS on a STICK).
A total of three sets have been manufactured, of which one is still available for sale.

Heinz KNAPP” (c20110402) named to honor the collaboration with GLAS – ART ConneXion
The geometric basis of the pieces is an equilateral triangle made of 2 mm glass – sheets mounted on M10 – nuts. These glass – sheets have been colored with fused glass – shreds.
The pieces range from 30 mm height (pawn) to 80 mm (king) which can be arranged on a glass – tower for storage.
The set is practically impossible to reproduce due to variations in the glass  grains used in the fusing process and the fusing process itself.

ghost and fog” (c20091225)
This is slightly outside my design rules based on decorative glass cubes. The ghost (white) side is sandblasted. Since the glass – cubes used are no longer available, only about four more sets are producable.
I consider doing this set in amber on demand.

Honoring Emanuel LASKER” (c20090806) who won the World Chess Championship in 1894 from Wilhelm Steinitz
This set was made at the “workshop for the disadvantaged” in JENNERSDORF – Burgenland, Austria. It proved to be quite a challenge to do a design which could be realised in such a workshop.
The pieces are approx. 30 mm in diameter and range from 30 to 80 mm in height.

José Raul CAPABLANCA” (c20060806) was World Chess Champion from 1921 to 1927.
Dieses Set wurde ebenso wie das “Emanuel LASKER” in der Förderwerkstätte JENNERSDORF im Burgenland unter Anleitung von Frau A. Rothbauer aus glasierter Keramik gefertigt.

“chaos & order” (c20100318)
is made of thermal wood (condensed under great pressure) based on M14 – nuts. It assembles on M14 – rods fixed to a base of a cut of natural wood. A quite decorative piece, actually.

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